Blockchain validator, Testnets participant.

Application for LikeCoin community delegation renewal

Hello! This is my application for LikeCoin community delegation renewal.

LikeCoin Mainnet

Validator link:

  1. I was never jailed during a period of being validator.

  2. Voted on all on-chain proposals from Proposal #60 to Proposal #66.

  3. Raised Community pool spend proposal about Pool incentives on Osmosis for LIKE/OSMO pool (Proposal #63: after discussion with LikeCoin community members in Discord. It was the 4th time I raised the Proposal for LikeCoin and will be glad to help community in raising Proposals in the future.

  4. Deposited LIKE for Proposal #64.

  5. Successfully upgraded liked binary to version 4.0.0 (ChungKing) and theto 4.0.1 (barberry security patch).

  6. Updated setup guide for LikeCoin Mainnet validators to the actual version:

  7. Running IBC relayer operator on LikeCoin <> Osmosis path.
    LikeCoin operator wallet: like1tu7xpkxwcg3h75hcamndwgt8ct70tewfmxlaju
    Osmosis operator wallet: osmo1tu7xpkxwcg3h75hcamndwgt8ct70tewfqps084

I will continue to keep my Mainnet node online and provide help to other LikeCoin validators. I plan to take part in LikeCoin Testnet if the new upgrades will be needed to test. I will also keep operating IBC relayer on LikeCoin <> Osmosis path.


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