香港人,80後,喜愛旅遊,交朋結友,分享生活。 斜槓族,哲學研究生, 長期從事藝術活動籌劃, 對平權議題有高度熱情。




It's been very hot and dry here lately. Because of this, we can no longer manage to water the flowers, vegetables and fruit.



Currently, we are continuously issuing military drafts. This should be imagined as soldiers standing, for example, in the market or in a busy place where they stop people, and the military draft is given. This caused quite a bit of indignation among the people here, because only the people who live here are invited. The internally displaced persons who currently live with us do not receive any call-ups and move freely as if nothing had happened. And the people living here are unable to go and protect the houses of these internally displaced persons. But if something were to happen here, then there would be no one left here to protect our houses, because everyone was taken away. And those internally displaced persons would simply continue to stand, as they have done so far. Even in the past, in one of the towns here, the women satisfied all this and barricaded the door of the military.

The other day, a shopping center was hit in the Poltava district. The building was full, so the number of wounded and victims is relatively high.



I have attached a few pictures of one of the resting places here in our region. This place is best known among the locals. I like going here, although it is quite far from where I live. I haven't been there this year. Although war is here or there, people can travel, but I prefer not to risk it.


Black Mountain botanical reserve of national importance (since 1974). It is located in Vynohradiv district of Zakarpattia region, between the town of Vynohradiv and the village of Mala Kopanya. Within the reserve there is a mountain of the same name, the volcanic remnant is Chorna Hora (565 m). The mountain belongs to the so-called island mountains, ie it is not part of any mountain range or massif (some sources refer the mountain to the Vygorlat-Gutyn volcanic ridge). On three sides, Chorna Hora is surrounded by a plain (Transcarpathian lowland), and only its northern slopes turn into a gentle hilly rise, which extends northeast to the Tupy massif. Along the eastern slopes of the mountain flows the river Tisza, which in several places formed high rocky cliffs.

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具有國家重要性的黑山植物保護區(自 1974 年以來)。它位於扎卡爾帕蒂亞地區的維諾赫拉迪夫區,在維諾赫拉迪夫鎮和馬拉科帕尼亞村之間。保護區內有一座同名山,火山遺跡是Chorna Hora (565 m)。這座山屬於所謂的島嶼山脈,即它不屬於任何山脈或地塊(有些資料將這座山稱為維戈爾拉特-古廷火山脊)。在三個側面,Chorna Hora 被平原(外喀爾巴阡低地)所包圍,只有其北坡變成平緩的丘陵,向東北延伸至 Tupy 地塊。沿著山的東坡流淌著蒂薩河,它在幾個地方形成了高高的岩石峭壁。



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