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DragonCapsule: The First Metaverse Native Science Fiction

Web3.0 Metaverse Content Creation + AI WritingOpen 、AI and Human co-create Meta IP

As the first true metaverse science fiction novel, “Dragon Capsule” is the first fusion of Crypto Native technical standards and digital carriers

  1. Based on the ERC721 standard NFT, following the Metaverse native META IP decentralized copyright agreement
  2. WEB3.0 distributed creation tool and DAO organization, guarantee originality and direct reward of Crypto, IP Holder has the right to participate and decide the direction of the novel
  3. Artificial intelligence + human writers jointly create a long sci-fi trilogy, with the participation of AI industry forces
  4. Global Science Fiction and Crypto User Community Mass Creation (PGC+UGC)

“DragonCapsule” is based on 10k Dragon Capsule NFTs, and its story copyright will adopt the world’s first META IP decentralized copyright agreement (Metaverse native IP), that is, 80% of the IP copyright annual income will be owned by all DragonCapsule NFT holders ,20% is used for the daily operation of the project

This sci-fi work will surely be included in the history of metaverse literature development and become a classic

Web3.0 Metaverse Science Fiction Novel: “DragonCapsule”

Social creation, artificial intelligence + human co-create the long sci-fi “DragonCapsule” trilogy

  1. DragonCapsule
  3. Final fantasy (entropy extinction)

Organization and crowd-creation methods:

  1. Metaverse Science Fiction Guild — 【 Metaverse Science Fiction DAO 】
  2. Launched the first mass-creation project of MSFDAO: Dragon Capsule Multidimensional Parallel Universe MPC Open Metaverse Sci-Fi Mass-Creation Project
  3. Prize Pool Fund: 2000 DragonCapsules
  4. Web3.0 distributed content creation tools (Mirror and GitBook), artificial intelligence and human co-creation
  5. For writing Web3.0 metaverse works, you can get DragonCapsule NFT rewards.

Participation form:

  1. Voting topics (twitter, weibo)
  2. Story Solitaire
  3. Parallel universe


Under the open framework of the DragonCapsule Multi-Dimension Parallel Cosmos (DC-MPC) 10K DragonCapsule NFTs, participating authors can create their own creations and save files on IPFS and blockchain. MPC’s worldview is a “conventional” story framework, similar to SCP.

Participants (to be invited):

  1. Science Fiction Association, Global Science Fiction Writers…
  2. Microsoft Research Asia, ByteDance, Tencent, Baidu, Alibaba, Tsinghua University, Peking University, Innovation Factory, etc. AI+NLP teams

Overseas area:

  1. WEB3.0 content platform, AI writing tool platform and writer
  2. Google DeepMind, OPENAI (GPT3.0), Microsoft, Amazon, NVIDIA, Stanford, etc. AI+NLP teams

Media Area:

  1. Asia Pacific: mainstream science fiction magazines, Chinese web portals.
  2. Global: New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Wired, Bloomberg , The Atlantic, TechCrunch, Hacknews… etc.


The global Web3.0 metaverse works, promote the development of AI artificial intelligence writing, and promote the decentralization and tradable copyright of METAIP.


  1. Co-authored by a team of AI and human writers (requires the name and information of the AI artificial intelligence engine to be clearly stated)
  2. This selection allows for the existence of multiple parallel branch story chapters (reflecting the MPC parallel universe branch story line, the number of branches is determined by the number of participating AI and human writers)

Selection plan

Participate in the world’s top science fiction competitions from 2022 to 2023, including Nebula Awards, Hugo Awards…

IP Mode

“DragonCapsule” is based on the concept of 10k Dragon Capsules NFT, and its story copyright will adopt the world’s first META IP decentralized copyright agreement (Metaverse Native IP), that is, 80% of the IP copyright annual income will be owned by all Dragon Capsule NFT holders , 20% is used for daily operations.


  1. With the rapid development of the metaverse, distributed content creation, AI artificial intelligence writing, and NLP will increasingly play a more important role.
  2. The current AI artificial intelligence writing is characterized by divergence. AI tends to make the storyline develop in a complex, distant, and jumping direction. Human writers can build meaningful story structures and maintain the main line of AI creation.
  3. The economic model based on encryption and the metaverse can also better motivate authors and fans, and speed up the economic transformation of the IP of the work. “DragonCapsule” is an epic metaverse literary project, trying to open a new metaverse science fiction. era.

Storyline (Branch One)



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