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Royalty Distribution Plan for DragonCapsule Holders EIP-2981

YieldDAO Labs and the DragonCapsule core development team officially announced that we will soon implement the royalty dividend distribution plan. Starting from the completion of 10,000 DragonCapsule minted,the DragonCapsule NFT contract will be linked to the royalty contract, The royalty is set to 2.5% and is entered into the public Holders royalty distribution contract address.

The DragonCapsule royalty contract applies the latest [EIP-2981: NFT Royalty Standard], which is linked the DragonCapsule NFT contract, YieldDao Labs and the DragonCapsule core team give up the royalty income and return the royalty to each holder. The address of the royalty contract will be
 announced on the official website and Github for review by holders and
 the public.

RoyaltyDistribution Scheme: distributing royalties automatically through smart contracts This proposal will take effect in real time from July 5th. The royalty contract address and detailed distribution plan will be released to the public at that time, and the royalty distribution plan will be implemented in an open and transparent manner.

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