Is it a Scam? COTPS OTC Arbitrage Trading

COTPS OTC Arbitrage Trading

I have no idea — but you can follow along with some real progress anyway!

So seriously —Cryptos OTC Trading Platform (COTPS) is one of those projects that just seems too good to be true, and it very well could be.

Their website is rough, they require KYC to withdraw more than $499/day — BUT they’re paying between 3% and 3.6% per day and your funds are NOT locked (other than a 2 hour and 10 minute window between trades).

I’ve been in this for about a week so far, and so far it’s paying exactly what is says it’s going to pay — so that’s a point in its favor.

I have no way to verify that Arbitrage trading is happening behind the scenes — the whole thing happens in a custodial wallet that you set up directly on their site — only protected by your phone number and a pass code. A few people have posted some screenshots showing the OTC trade on Binance with a username that matches the username shown making the trade — but when I look at those I don’t see the numbers matching up, so I take them with a grain of salt.

Ok — So that’s the bad stuff out of the way. This project is for those that REALLY love the allure of making a LOT of money in a fairly short time — but are mature enough to recognize that this thing could be too good to be true and go away at any minute.

Why am I writing and recording videos about it?

Because I’m one of those people — I love the allure of something that has a fast ROI, because to me that minimizes the risk in ANY project when you can ROI very quickly.

Secondary to that, your deposit isn’t locked — you can stop your trading at any time (after the 2 hour lock up window from making a trade) and withdraw at any time.

You DO have to KYC to withdraw more than $499 in a single day, and that was honestly one of my largest reservations about the project. “What if this is a total scam, and now I’m giving them my ID and personal information too?”

My rationale came down to — honestly I’ve been on the internet since 1995, my digital footprint is beyond massive. Anything they want to dig up on me they can buy on the black market, I’m fairly certain even several credit cards would be out there if they truly wanted them. Plus they already had my phone number anyway — so they have the perfect avenue to go grab all of that!

So screw it — let’s throw some money at this thing and roll the dice.

That’s really it — that was my whole thought process, I’ve said I’m not much for details and I meant it!

How to do it?

  1. Go to:

and sign up for an account

  1. — This will require your cell phone number, and will send an SMS verification code
  2. Once you’re logged in, go to the “Mine” tab at the very bottom right of the page and click on “Recharge” at the top.
  3. Figure out how you want to get some TRC20 USDT that you can send to your COTPS custodial wallet.
  4. — For me, I sent BEP20 USDC to my SafePal wallet, then swapped by BEP20 USDC to TRC20 USDT, and sent that USDT from SafePal to COTPS
  5. — Other methods work exactly the same, I know some are using Kukoin, and Changelly too
  6. From there you can go to the “Transaction Hall” page and click on “Immediate Competition for Orders” — that’s going to make your first set of trade, and your first round of profit! Click that button every 2 hours to maximize your returns, or any time you want to make .03% on your money.

That’s the basics of it. Secondary to that you can work to automate your process. For now my answer to that is come find me on my Telegram Gateway and tell me that you’ve got funds sitting in COTPS and you’re ready to work on automating. Then I’ll get you into the Cryptozoa COTPS specific telegram group and we can work out the best method for you to start automating your trades every 2 hours!

The Cryptozoa team is making a few different automation methods available for free, and anyone that is in my downline will be able to utilize the tools being created by the team.


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