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Autumn Mix 秋日淡淡憂傷系歌單



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(1) The Cure - The Last Day Of Summer


(2) The Raveonettes - With My Eyes Closed

(3) Stars - Changes

(4) The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - Strange

The Pains 真的很會寫這種甜蜜苦澀交織、淡淡憂愁感的曲子,前奏一下就有點鼻酸了

(5) Fazerdaze - Shoulders

歌詞 "I'm trying not to try so hard for you" 特別扎心

(6) School Of Seven Bells - Half Asleep

What begins as an unguarded
Train of thoughts slowly can become
An addiction to the slumber
Of disconnection and the resonance
Of memory that no longer has a shape
But keeps you numb through
The hours till gone is another day
Be aware, my darling
These things I say I mean
Are just traces of something
I long to feel again
I see our time expand
In the air almost forcibly,
Spreading thinner till it dissolves completely

(7) Los Planetas - No Se Como Te Atreves

(8) 張懸 - 喜歡


(9) DIIV - Follow

I'm putting it off
And I can't control fate
Cause we're similar
I blame it on you
Cause that side of me I hate
But you were never hurt

(10) DIIV - Loose Ends

a heartbreakingly beautiful tune

(11) Alvvays - Dreams Tonite

(12) OK Go - Last Leaf

"The last autumn leaf hanging from the tree" 很純粹的一首歌,而且OK Go的MV都很有創意

(13) Radiohead - Thinking About You

甜蜜的旋律訴說著心碎的心情,最喜歡Pablo Honey時期的電台頭

(14) Tame Impala - Yes I'm Changing

歌詞太虐了,影片下面有一則留言 "This song reminds me of someone I don’t want to remember it hurts",根本我的心聲,對這首歌又愛又恨

(15) The Verve - Velvet Morning

我最愛的一首 The Verve,歌詞寫得超棒 "Life is a game you tried, life is a game you're tired"

(16) Ride - Cool Your Boots

RIDE的作品中我很喜歡的一首 "Now time is moving on, I know it won't be long till I'm shuffling away, with nothing more to say"

(17) Placebo - Follow the Cops Back Home

(18) Lanterns on the Lake - The Places We Call Home

(19) Peace - Happy People

(20) My Bloody Valentine - Sometimes

這首一定要配上 Lost In Translation 的片段 "Close my eyes, feel me how. I don't know, maybe you could not hurt me now"

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