Pei Hsieh
Pei Hsieh

Plan to get started

Data Science, a new region I would try to learn from now on, and I'm going to write down my learning process here as a way to remind myself. Bless me!

Several days ago, I went to the job fair and try to figure out what I would like to do after graduating from the university. As a student who is studying in Learning Science, I always face questions, such as 'What is Learning Science?', 'Are you learning about science?', 'What job do you want to do? ', etc. I really don't have any idea for my future, and I'm not quite sure about if I should continue to study and gain a master degree, or just say goodbye to my campus life. These two individual potential roads have same main point as well, and that main problem might be what direction I should go.

We've learned many subject during these years, including psychology, mathematics, computer science, information science and e-learning. Besides those diverse fields, I also took part in financial classes. Doesn't these sounds great? I'm totally a person who crosses several different domain, and my cross-disciplinary background seems to be a perfect advantage in future job market. The truth is, I am not proficient in every single field. During these weeks, I searched for dozens of internship online, and I realized that lack of working skills made my road to getting a job so difficult.

I found that I might be interested in data-related works, though I don't really feel confident about my Python abilities, and I have no experience in SQL. But, I've learned some statistics and information science, such as HCI, HII and data mining. Our professor introduced us about data scientist is said to be the sexiest job in 21st century at the beginning of the class, and I thought it might be a good way to improved myself.

At the end of this dialogue, I would like to talk about what I want to do now and what I've started to do already. To summarize what I've searched these days, I concluded several parts that I have to work on from now on. English, Python and MySQL will be the three fundamental abilities should be strengthened. I found wuwow as a well developed platform that I chose to learn English. An for Python and SQL, I'll use Introducing Python: Modern Computing in Simple Packages, 2/e as my first step for Python, and 【資料庫】SQL 3小時初學者教學 for SQL.


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