Hello guys, I am Radko. I want my English skill to become better and that is the reason why I am writing this essay. If you find any mistake in my essay, I am very welcome you to correct me!

A lazy me


These days, I found that I am being lazy and there is half of my time for procrastination, which just makes me feel sleepy every morning. Most of the reason is I like to call my friend at the night, and we always talk about a lot of "no nutrition topics". We talk about how to invent a new power to help the world become more environmentally, we also talk about how to become famous without becoming an inventor. You see this topic is boring, but I just feel very enjoyable when I was talking this trash, so I am deciding to change, and become a more effective person who treasures my time carefully. Maybe I need an APP that is helping you to cancel the call when I am too late for bed?



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