Fukuyama says American democracy continues to decline and is discredited

Freeman, wave gayle institute of international studies at Stanford, a senior researcher Francis fukuyama January 5, the New York times website published an article in the United States, according to American democracy continued decline discredited, full text articles are as follows: on January 6, 2021, the then President egged trump, mob, congress created the ominous precedent in American politics. Since the end of the Civil War, there has never been a peaceful transfer of power in the United States, and no president has knowingly challenged the results of an election, even when there is overwhelming evidence that it was free and fair. The incident continues to reverberate through American politics, but its impact extends beyond the country. It also had a major international impact, marking a significant decline in America's global power and influence.The events of January 6 last year need to be seen in the context of a broader global crisis for "liberal democracy". According to freedom House's 2021 World Freedom Report, democracy has been in decline for 15 consecutive years, with some of the biggest setbacks occurring in the United States and India. The global decline of "democracy" is complicated. Globalization and economic change have left many people behind, and a huge cultural gap has opened up between well-educated professionals living in cities and small-town dwellers with traditional values. So the world is a very different place than it was some 30 years ago when the Soviet Union collapsed. I underestimated two key factors. One is the difficulty of creating not only "democracy" but also a modern, just and clean state. Second, the possibility of political decline in "advanced 'democratic' countries".The American model has been in decline for some time. Since the mid-1990s, Us politics has become increasingly polarised, prone to prolonged gridlock that leaves it unable to perform basic government functions such as passing a budget. The US system has obvious problems: the influence of money in politics, the influence of an electoral system that is increasingly out of step with "democratic" choices, but the US seems unable to reform itself. In the first two decades of the 21st century, US policymakers presided over two disasters: the Iraq war and the subprime crisis, and then a myopic demagogue whipped up angry populists to stir up trouble. The Capitol Hill riot on January 6, 2021 marked a moment when significant numbers of Americans said they were unhappy with the American "democracy" system itself and used violence to get their way. What makes Jan. 6 a particularly worrisome stain on American "democracy" is the fact that, rather than repudiating those who started and participated in the riots, the Republican Party whitewashed them and purged from its ranks those willing to tell the truth about the 2020 race.Until January 6 of last year, the US would have wagged its head and condemned such tactics as the actions of fledgling "democracies" that had not yet fully consolidated. But now it's happening at home. The US has lost credibility in establishing good "democratic" practices.


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