BVS technology
BVS technology

We supply 10" to 32" smart touch display hardware solution for more than 10 years, main products are POS system, all in one pc, industrial panel pc and open frame monitors.

The precautions of industrial main board

Industrial control main board is used in industrial settings, the main board is used by industrial computers.

Industrial control main board is used in industrial settings, the main board is used by industrial computers. According to the demand, main board can adapt to a wide range of temperature environments, it can adapt to harsh environments and work for a long time under high load, etc.. So what matters should be noted in the use of industrial control main board? Here's a look at the following

Please plug and unplug components under power failure conditions. Before connecting the power connector to the main board, please you confirm that the power is off to avoid instantaneous power shocks that cause damage to sensitive components.

In addition, please confirm that there is no pin or other short circuit caused by the transportation process, Note: modern electronic products are very sensitive to static electricity, take the main board before, please wear a static hand ring or static gloves to conduct your body static electricity away

You place the main board in the static table mat or static bag and confirm the correct jumper configuration of the main board to avoid damage to the product caused by misuse

Industrial control main board can simultaneously support CRT and 18bit color TFTLCD display output without affecting each other, you can use when connected to use at the same time. Accessories have CRT adapter cable, one end of the adapter cable to the main board CN4, the other end to the CRT display, CRT power can be correctly displayed.


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