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We supply 10" to 32" smart touch display hardware solution for more than 10 years, main products are POS system, all in one pc, industrial panel pc and open frame monitors.

what are the functions of the intelligent cashier system?

As a shop operation assistant, the smart cashier system can help shops reduce costs and increase efficiency.
smart cashier system

1、Cashier at the front des

The cashier system can achieve fast cashier, can provide a variety of payment methods, including: mobile payment, balance payment, cash payment, bank card payment, etc., to provide customers with convenience

2、Membership managemen

The system can carry out membership management, check membership points and membership levels at any time, and exchange points for gifts to prompt members to upgrade their consumption

3、Staff shift chang

The system prints small tickets for shift change, so that the data is clear and the staff shift change function can clarify the responsibility to the person

4、 Merchandise Inventor

It can reduce the workload and quickly complete the work of incoming goods, returning goods, inventory count and stock transfer, saving manpower

5、Marketing and customer developmen

The system can provide a wealth of marketing tools to help merchants to promote. We Chat marketing can set up public templates, and SMS marketing can send SMS messages for members' birthday wishes and holiday messages to help merchants maintain customer relationship

6、Data Report

The system provides multi-directional data reports to help merchants keep track of the shop's operating conditions. Provide data support for shop operation and make timely strategy adjustment

As a shop operation assistant, the smart cashier system can help shops reduce costs and increase efficiency, simplify the entire sales process, improve cashier efficiency, enhance customer experience, and thus improve shop turnover.


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