11 articles279 words
11 articles279 words

Hey guys! I am back

Guys as u see I am back and I have some news so…… I am in.. the UK rn!And I didn’t post anything cause I don’t have a story in mind but I mi...

sorry i haven't post anything

because i have a youtube channel!the name is Sandy chow uni


this was real!


maybe i can post tomorrow because i have i holiday if i have ideas to post watch my sisters story ^U^

i can't post...

I can't post because i need to study my exam until 7th June,2021 and i am out of ideas!

why do we have so much home work!!!!! : (

why do we have so much home work why?and it is 8:10am-3:00pm

i am sad because.......

my sister doesn't feel well like if you want her to be better

my sister......

my sister sings bad......

follow my sister

my sister's name is Jolly Chow please follow

what are your favorite games?

my favorite games are Roblox, sims and afk arena

what are your favorite games?

i love them