ZEESEA® was born in 2011 among makeup lovers and art lovers in China. Now we have launched a series of collaborations with the National Gallery and Picasso's paintings.

The beauty that melts on the mouth! 3 degrees of whitening at once!

If you ask me, what is trending in the beauty industry this summer,

That must be a combination of pure and sexy!

Seeing a lot of rich colors of red and purple,

Recently, even actresses are obsessed with clear makeup

If there seems to be nothing, pure and with the slightest temptation,

Especially with soft and tender lip color,

Clear innocence, who can resist this!

This natural lip makeup that looks like a natural lip color,

Really perfect for summer!

The pink is not gorgeous, and the mouth is full of vitality~

Paired with oxygen-scented makeup,

Full marks first love face instantly grasp ~

And the sweltering summer,

Who is still stubbornly applying thick and gorgeous lipstick?

is it you or me

No wonder the whole person looks old-fashioned and low.

Time to throw it away and replace it!

Light and natural lip color,

Is the correct way to open summer makeup

Today's recommended "ZEESEA small popsicle lip glaze"

It is pure desire to be clear, and instantly apply an oxygen makeup feeling!

Ice mist velvet texture, super silky~

ZEESEA Ice Mist Velvet "Little Popsicle" Lip Glaze

Velvet texture, moisturizing and light, long-lasting color

Each of the 8 shades is perfect for summer.

Pure, charming, girly, mature...

It's a versatile weapon~

How beautiful the color really is,

very tender,

Just put one on your mouth to the extent that you want to scream!

Even in plain makeup,

It also gives a good feeling!

Lightly apply makeup,

The innocent girl's sense of innocence and innocence are instantly grasped~

Delicate makeup with it is the icing on the cake,

Eye-catching beauty in the crowd!

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