Lun 侖
Lun 侖


If you come to Tainan,

For those who want to travel in Tainan and my friend.

For Jimin

 I promised writing an article for you by using English. Therefore, I plan one day trip in Tainan. If you come to Tainan, we can go to these attractions. 

After you arrive Tainan train station, we will go to 「老曾羊肉」, fried lamb tastes really good, you will want to eat more rice with this dish.


After lunch we will go to 「安平古堡」, it is famous historic site in Tainan. Moreover, we can go shopping, eat traditional food and experience 碰糖 at 「安平老街」.


I don't have a lot of pictures about 安平老街. However, I recommand these food, 周氏蝦捲、義豐冬瓜茶(especially lemon white gourd drink with bubble)、安平豆花、蜜餞、蝦餅, for you. You can bring 蜜餞、蝦餅 to be gifts!!

Before sunset, we can go to seaside to wait sunset. That is magnificent.

It's really beautiful.

I hope coronavirus can end soon, and then we can meet in Taiwan or Korea. 

(2020/11/04 於探路客發布文章)

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