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Best places to visit in France outside of Paris

Are you unaware of the places to visit in France outside Paris? We got your back. Find out about these places from the guide here and plan your trip.

One of the most loved and visited destinations around the world is France. But many people only know France for its famous place, Paris. However, this place is more than just Paris.

Whether you are a history buff, interested in knowledge related to the culture or want to try various fun and adventurous activities, you can do it all here. 

If this is not your first time in France and you want to explore more than just Paris, then you are at the right place. 

Make your trip to France unique and fun by exploring more than just Paris.

Go through the information and learn about the places to visit in France outside of Paris.

What to explore in France apart from Paris?

To make your France itinerary unique yet memorable, find out about the places you should not miss exploring. 


Normandy is a destination that holds a beautiful history and has its charm. 

Furthermore, this is the perfect spot for all individuals. Whether you are a history buff you wish to spend time in nature's lap, Normandy is the perfect destination. 

Moreover, spend time at the amazing beaches and witness the beautiful architecture when you are here. 

If you are a foodie, don't miss this place's seafood. Normandy is known for serving the best seafood. 

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Mont Saint Michel

Mont Saint Michel is beautiful to another level. The stunning views it offers to all its visitors are unexplainable, and one cannot put them into words. This place provides extraordinary views and makes the trip of the individuals so much worth it. 

In addition to enjoying such surreal views of nature, you can even witness Gothic architecture. The architecture is so unique and beautiful in its own way. For the people witnessing it for the first time, it is a must-watch.

When you witness the architecture of the 8th century, you will feel on top of the world. 


Another place in France which people should not miss is Carcassonne. It is one of the places in France to remember to add to your itinerary. 

Furthermore, this is one of the places in the world which has hundreds of churches, palaces, medieval and Gothic castles. There are only a few destinations where we can explore and witness these. 

Don't forget to take a walk around these palaces. Or you can even go ahead to take a private walking tour too. 


If you are planning for a trip during the festive time, new year time, then the best destination to visit is Strasbourg. 

You can roam around the Christmas market when you are at this destination. At this place, Christmas park is situated. 

Another reason to visit this place is the majestic cathedral. After Notre Dame de Paris, this is the most visited cathedral. Travelers who love exploring and witnessing the best work of Gothic architecture should head to Strasbourg. 


Arles is a destination that is famous for holding photography festivals. Located near the Mediterranean sea, this is another famous place in France. Furthermore, to make your trip to France unique and fun, don't forget to add Arles to your itinerary. 

And guess what. Here, you will find the Roman monuments also. So, enjoy a bit of Rome even when you are in France. Travelers will also fall in love with the surreal sandy beaches and beaches.


Are you adventurous and want to head to a place that is still unexplored and has so much for all its travelers? 

Brittany is filled with fishing ports and farms too. Furthermore, there are a lot of places that are not explored enough and are still mysterious places. 

Go ahead to lie down in the parks and relax. People who love to see the collection of things should visit the museums situated here. 

The fun does not end here. Make this trip even more exciting by enjoying hiking the various hiking trails here.

Basque Country

Another fun and amazing place to explore in France is the Basque Country. 

The Atlantic ocean surrounds this place on all sides. 

One of the most fun and unique things about this place is that you won't find even one village that does not have a wall for 'Pelota". Pelota is a famous sport of this destination and is similar to tennis. 

Furthermore, each village has a golf course and hiking trails. So, you can experience hiking here at whichever place you want to. Golf fans should not miss this opportunity and make their trip even more fun. 

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Plan your trip to France, explore the places here, and know the side of France, which is more than Paris.


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