33 articles36052 words
33 articles36052 words

How Beacon Technology in Real Estate is Reshaping the Industry

Location-based marketing through beacons is becoming an effective strategy. Learn more about the role of beacons in real estate

Beacon Technology Solutions in Banking

Beacon technology solutions in the banking sector can be a great initiative and help provide a great customer experience to their clients

World's First Dual Optional Data Rates Beacon Released - Ultra-Long Range Beacon MBM01

MBM01 is a long-range and long battery life beacon that raised the bar of high-performance beacon to a new height.

Things You Need to Know About LoRa - Things You Will See From Us

Minew devotes itself to more creative possibilities in LoRa to enrich product portfolios with different networks.

How Smart IoT Starter Kit is Making Warehouse Intelligent

Minew IoT Starter Kit MWS provides you with a cost-effective solution highly recommended for warehouses and cold rooms

Discover Our Latest Launch, The IoT Starter Kit - MHS

Read the article on IoT Starter Kit MHS which is highly recommended for healthcare, and learn more to meet your needs!

What MATTER Now - The New Smart Home Standard

Matter, an industry unifying IoT wireless network standard. Matter aims to be dependable, frictionless, and secure, a communication basis for linked objects.

IoT Starter Kit - MOS Transforming Your Workplace into Smart Office

IoT starter kit MOS is a complete Bluetooth® LE gadget bundle kit that includes smart devices for all your office needs.

Minew Launches Partner Program to Drive More Efficient Growth

Minew Partner Program is a nexus of resources, people, and ideas that work together to deliver powerful results.

Small Beacon Device, Big Possibilities

Using a small beacon device in business can ensure multiple possibilities for improving the infrastructure and production with optimization

How Does Bluetooth 5.0 Beacon Help Pinpoint a Single Car Among Thousands?

The intentionally visible device Bluetooth 5.0 beacon marvels the technology exclusively designed to attract attention to a specific location

Where Is Your Staff? What Is He Doing?

Minew technologies today introduced the latest AoA location beacon, MLW01!

What You Need to Know About the Card Beacon

What is a card beacon? How is it different from other technologies? What are its applications? Here is everything you need to know.

Minew Throws Its Hat in the UWB Tracking Tag Game with a Leak of the New Smart Tag

UWB has only become popular because it is more accurate than Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in determining the location and movement of other devices.

Beacon Button for Indoor Positioning

Bluetooth LE beacon button for indoor location tracking is rising in popularity. Sectors such as retail are the most benefiting sectors from this technology

Minew B10 Emergency Button and C10 Card Beacon Received 2021 IoT Excellence Award

Minew B10 Panic Button and C10 Card Beacon Received 2021 IoT Excellence Award

Top Reasons to Invest in Our Beacon Bluetooth 5.0 and Similar Technologies

After the emergence of the Internet of Things, it will grow rapidly in the next few years. Industrial IoT and real-time location monitoring systems are big winners - all thanks to Bluetooth 5.0.

How iBeacon Tag and Other iBeacon Technology Have a Positive Impact in Retail Business

It was the WWDC (Worldwide-Developer-Conference) in 2013 where Apple initiated its iBeacon technology. Since then, the iBeacon tag technolog...

MINEW MS46SF11 & MS50SFB Bluetooth® 5.0 Modules Achieve BQB and KC Certifications Respectively

Minew’s Bluetooth module MS46SF11 and MS50SFB have been certified by Korea National Radio Research Agency and listed on the Bluetooth website respectively

Top 3 Use Cases of Indoor & Outdoor Beacon Technology in 2022

The Indoor & Outdoor Beacon Positioning Beacon is shaping the digital world with its cost-efficient features.