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【A unknown island 】Adventure in the island-English story solitaire No.30 | Escape(逃離)

Viswa is a college student. He has a summer vacation.

He feels bored in summer vacation, so he plans to go the island with his friends.

When they take the boat to the island, a typhoon is happened.

Because of the typhoon, Viswa lose the contact with his friend and he reach a unknown island.

After he reach the unknown island, he meet a girl in the island and the girl name is sally.

Although the island is sort of unknown in the map, it is not rural at all. There are buildings on the hills.

However Viswa is pretty sure that the island does not and should not exist, because he always got high marks in geography and geometry. And in fact his GPA score is super high and his IQ is 180, there is no way that he didn't recognize this island at all. His passion for stargazing also telling him that it is impossible to have such island in this latitude and longitude.

“God damn it,” said Viswa , “I almost lost all my all my luggage except the iPhone 13 pro with water.”

“Well, ‘Oh. So. Pro.’ became ‘Oh. So. Poor.’ finally.”

“I’d better do some searching for any supplies, especially a shelter, against the upcoming of the night.” he thought seriously.

Viswa is heading right towards the buildings on the hills now.

"... Osopro... osopoor..."

Sally, a spy who works for Matty, is alarmed by this weird chanting. She picks up her gun, runs towards the window, and sees Viswa heading towards her hiding place!

"Damn, does he work for Yttam? I can't risk letting Yttam know my location!" She puts her finger on the trigger, aims at Viswa's heart and fires...

"BANG" the bullet hit Viswa right at his heart!

Viswa feels a sharp pain in his chest, falls backwards and hits his head on the ground.

But no visible bleeding! Because of the iPhone 13 pro in his chest pocket.

Although there are cracks on iPhone 13 pro, the phone still turn on!

Before Viswa falls into unconscious, he heard some noise from surroundings:

"Why there is a player leave the team & in here?" Mystery A said.

"Don't let supervisor know, take him back to the game site first." Mystery B said.

Sally understands it is a chance to investigate Yttam, she follows them and enter the mystery game...

While Mystery men drag Viswa away, iPhone falls from his pocket, identifies his face, and unlocks.

Sally picks it up and finds a stuck bullet. Seeing his picture, Sally gets déjà vu. He looks so familiar, but she can’t remember.

“I could have killed an innocent man.” Sally almost breaks her own rule. She can’t believe she let the fear of Yttam blind her judgement.

“I must save him!”

Viswa is left among a group of noisy people on an open ground. Sally lurks to him, patting his face and whispering, “Hey! Wake up!”

"Ugh!... Where... am I? " Viswa muttered weakly while trying to open his eyes, but the bright light make him squint, and the loud noise make his head hurts badly.

"Just pretend to be unconscious and listen to me carefully! " Sally looked around and whispered.

"Who...are you?.. Where am I and... what's... happening?" Viswa wants to turn around but found that his hands are tied.

"Don't move or we'll both get killed!" Sally grabs his left arm. "This is Yttam's thieves' den, they steal jewelry, stuff them into people and smuggle them!"

"They call it "The Jewelry Game"..." Sally said tremblingly.

Viswa ask Sally "why you helping bad guys".

Sally says she don't have other chance to be alive.

Viswa will plan to rescue all innocent people.

Sally inform to other people to make a team

Viswa ask Sally about the main spots and they will make a plan to escape

At this moment, Sally took something slowly out from her bag...

When Viswa saw it, his breath came out in gasps.

"What the heck?? How do you have it? It is my iPhone 13 pro! OMG how come it is here now?" Viswa said and started deep thinking...

"I remember now! You were the one who shot me! YOU destroyed it!" Viswa shouted.

"Shhh! Keep it down, please! My name is Sally, don't you remember me??"

Sally said with some tears in her eyes.

"No......maybe... I got a feeling that I know you from a long time ago..." Viswa said, trying to recall his old memories.

"You will remember me one day, now listen carefully, this is not JUST an iPhone 13 pro, it is the...."

"KEY!" Viswa didn't wait for Sally to finish her sentence..." How could I know?" Viswa said in a shocked voice.

"Very good. Seems your memories are coming back. So do you remember the key word? This is the key for us to escape from this living hell. This is our last chance." Sally said.

Suddenly, there were noises outside the room. "I have to go now Viswa, we are counting on you!" Sally gave him a smile and left the room.

"Wait! But what is the key word?? How can I use this damaged phone?" Viswa wondered...

Although Sally left the room, she is worried about how to get out of the Island.

Outside the room, Sally inspects the environment nearby.

A site close here is full of security guards, Sally whispers to herself “The Jewelry Game starts.... is The Heartbeat of Angel there?”

“Definitely yes!” A deep voice replied.

Sally is shocked and asked, “who is here?”

“The same as you, pretty girl, Jewellery Raider.” a man showed up and winked at her.

“You should have known this news. The world outside is already surrounded by zombies. Although there are some safety zone which are setted up by the government but actually there were more unsafe.” The man smirked. 

“What ?” 

“So you and your friends need to stay here and play a game with me. By the way, your iphone13 is useless now. I have setted up shielding system. No one can find this island. I can keep you safe. Also I can let you die here. At this moment!” The men take out a gun and place it on Sally’s forehead. 

"Hmph, don't think I'll continue to be afraid of you Yttam, since the world has gone out of control, I'd rather be shot by you here than to keep playing with you guys!"

"Haha, good! In that case I'll ......" The man had not finished talking when Viswa knocked him out with an iPhone 13 pro from behind. Although the sound of landing was huge, it was covered up by a sound, "Attention players, a player has mutated into a zombie, all players please catch the zombie immediately, the first to catch, award a lot of jewelry!"

"What a damn iPhone 13 pro! Show me your power!" Viswa was shouting loudly and picking it up with his left hand.
"You are a hard rock knocking down Yttam, you also can be a transmitter weaken the zombie. Show me your power NOW!"

Suddenly, a bright light came out from the palm of Viswa's left hand. It was so shiny and so strong, which made everyone nearly blind. At the moment, one of the zombies was gradually transforming into a human body with a curvy figure.

"Oh! Oh my God! Look! It's Sally. Are you Sally?" Viswa was murmuring and almost faint.

🧭No.14 | Reunion (重逢)star_hope

”Hey! wake up” someone is wake Viswa up.

Viswa open the eyes”ohh, you are still here, sally.

I thought you become a zombie.”

”One Zombie bite me, but your friend save me.”

” my friend?” Viswa is saying with doubts

”Yes, you see there.”

”Oh my god! Santosh and Harsha. I thought you all die because of the shipwreck, but where is Vasim?”

”Be careful. Viswa.” Sally is shouting.

One zombie come near the Viswa.

🧭No.15| The Death of iPhone 13? (iPhone 13之死?)@那朵薔薇

"What the..."Viswa saw the zombie walking toward to him, "Didn't they announce that there's only one zombie here?"

He jumped up and ran to Sally, Satosh and Harsha before the zombie caught him.

The zombie walked very slowly. Viswa remembered that he just turned the zombie into human right before he fainted, so he took his iPhone 13 out again, and yelled,

"Show me your power NOW!!!"

But this time, nothing happened.

"Viswa, why are you taking out your iPhone??"Satosh asked, "We should run NOW, it's not the time to take pictures and tell everyone you saw a zombie on Matters!"

"No! Satosh, you don't understand, I just defeated one zombie with my iPhone 13, see."

"Show me you power!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!"Viswa yelled loudly again.

Still, nothing happened.

Satosh and Harsha watched him with a face asking if he was crazy.

"What the heck?! Sally, why is my iPhone not working now?"Viswa asked.

"Should we run now?"Harsha, standing right beside Viswa, asked.

"Viswa...I am sorry..."Sally said with a sad face, "I checked it before you woke up, I think it's because the bullet I shot.....I think some damage has been done to the iPhone 13 so it can only been used once, ...I am sorry...."

"What?!Then what should we do now?!"Viswa yelled.

"I think we really should start running..."Satosh said with a trembling voice.

The zombie is getting really closed to them.

" Watch out Sally!! " screamed Viswa.

Everyone looked at Sally in horror, one of the Zombie reached out and griped Sally's hair with it's left hand.

"Arrrr!! Help me guys ! The Zombie got me !!" Sally pulled out a knife from her pocket and try to cut off the Zombie's hand.

But what she underestimated was the Zombie way too strong. Despite blood was splashing out of the zombie's vein, it was not distracted at all. It slowly raise out his another hand and applied firmed pressure on Sally's neck.

As everyone panicked, suddenly something flashed through Viswa's mind.He dashed towards Sally and give her a kiss on her lips.

"beep beep" A sound come from the iPhone......

"It's time!! Show me your power!!" Viswa yelled into the iphone 13 Pro.

Iphone 13 Pro Shined againe.

Viswa raised his left hand to let the light shine on the zombie, and the zombie fell to the ground instantly.

"It worked!!" Viswa said.

"I remembered that the special features of the iphone 13 pro must be powered by love. But the kiss can only attack once"

"So what should we do? Can't you keep kissing, right?" Sally asked.

"The final answer should be in the building." Viswa looked back at the building in front of him and said.

"The final answer should be in the building."

Viswa looked back at the building in front of him. Therefore, they got to the building, but there were crowded of zombies in front of the building.

" How could we get there? Maybe we would die here. I don't want to die", Sally.

At the moment , Viswa hugged everyone and said, "To live or to die,did you?" Then, grabbed the phone and ran into the zombies. Everyone took stuffs behind Viswa.

Ran……and hit zombies ……ran and fight with zombies

Finally, they got into the building.

A sound came from the phone," power off." The iPhone is dying.

Suddenly, a zombie came from Sally back and bit her neck.

" Don't let me turn like them. Promise me!", Sally. And Viswa, " I promise, but I love you......" Then, Viswa was cuddling Sally who eventually stopped breathing.

Although Sally is dead, Visa is still holding her in sadness.

Santosh and Harsha keep going to fight the zombies around them.

But they are almost out of strength.

"Leave her alone! Or we'll all die here!"Santosh shouted.

At that moment, Sally shakes suddenly and makes a strange noise from her throat.

When Sally is trying to bite Vista, Santosh grabbers Vista's iPhone 13 pro and stuffs it into Sally's mouth!

Unexpectedly, sally's body emits a strong light, and the light kills all the zombies around them.

Now, the iPhone 13 pro is Sally, Sally is the iPhone 13 pro!

After the light disappeared, Sally fells slowly and unconscious.

Another group of zombies are coming.

When everyone feels frustrated, suddenly, a shouting: Visawa, come here, quickly.

It is Vasim, the missing classmate, he appears from another door and waves to them.

Everyone runs to his direction.

After everyone enters the door, Vasim is very proficiently that press a series of commands on the screen beside the door to lock the door.

All the lights are bright.

It is a laboratory, and all instruments start running. ddd...ddd.

There is a very large glass cylinder in the center, and the The Heartbeat of Angel inside.

Vasim asks urgently: Visawa, where is your iPhone 13?

" Where is your iPhone 13? " asked Vasim.

Visawa glared at Sally who's now sleeping, " She ate it ! " and then kicked her face.

" It's useless. " said Vasim " Didn't you read story Snow White ? Give it a try ! "

" OK. " Visawa picked up a brick to hit Sally's mouth.

" Oh my god ! " Vasim cried out loud.

" You're a genius ! "

iPhone 13 !!! Sally turned out to be an iPhone 13 !!!

“But...how did it happen?” asked by Harsha. 

“We all know that love can energize the iPhone. To save us, Sally was even willing to become the iPhone 13….It’s her wish, her love.” Viswa said sadly.

“With the key, the iPhone 13 pro, we finally can start The Heartbeat of Angel!” Santosh cheered.

“That's right! After taking it out, we can restore everyone who has become zombies !” Vasim agreed.

“Wait! What do you guys mean? Why do you know so much?“ Viswa asked with confusion.

“Don't tell me you still lose your memory. We all work for Matty. Remember it?”

They spent time figuring out all this.

Suddenly, Viswa found a paper in the corner. There are two images painted on it —a boat and a door to enter the cylinder.

"Looks like we need a 'Key' related to the iPhone to open the door." Said Vasim.

"Guys, there must be a boat somewhere in this building; maybe we all can be saved!" Viswa yelled as reborn.

"Well, it's time to plan and assign the jobs." Vasim Said.

At the moment of life on the line, they have a common goal to save everyone and escape.

”Ouch!Who?" Something hit on Viswa 's head.

"Viswa, we found the boat!Looks!" Vasim said laughingly.

"Toy boat?!How do we leave here with this toy boat?" Santosh asked.

"We need Doraemon's MEGA Flashlight!" Vasim said.

"Ang Ang Ang...tottemo daisuki DO.RA.E.MO.N." Santos has a good voice.

"Enough...enough...Hurry up! " Viswa said.

"We must keep this toy boat. Don't loss it!" Harsha said.

Right after Santosh's chanting, the door appeared in front of them. Vasim took the boat out and inserted it into the door's keyhole. However, nothing happened.

"What's the problem?"

 "Is there something missing ?" Vasim was mumbling to himself.

"The iPhone 13." Viswa reminded him.

"Right. I'm so silly. I forgot the critical key."

Vasim stacked the boat on top of the iPhone 13, then slipped them both into the keyhole. The door swung open immediately.

"Look! It's the cylinder!" Harsha burst out laughing.

They saw a massive cylinder in front of them. And The Heartbeat of Angel shines brightly.

A few moment later, a door appeared, it's opened. One zombie stepped out slowly. Everyone was afraid. But the zombie seemed not to bite anyone. It looked at Viswa. Viswa saw it's eyes. The eyes were with red tear, and the zombie opened his mouth slowly, said to Viswa "Do ....you.....re...mem...ber.....me...we...planed.....to....go....the...i....land...."

The voice was so famillary to Viswa. Viswa tried to find back his memory. On the way, the zombie continued to say "we'...ve...cau...ght.....by...a...man.....and...the...man...in...ject...ed...some...thing...in...to...ou...r...bo...dy...then...we...be...came...zom...bies............save......me.....and....my.....friend...s.....p....lease....." more and more tear came out from the zombie's eyes.

Suddenly, Viswa knew who it is. Viswa cried "it's not zombie, he's my friend! we are in the same college, we planned to go the island in summer vacation!!!"

Another voice sounded "you said too much" "BANG!!!" one bullet went through zombie's head.

Viswa cried "NO!!!!!!!".

The zombie fell down and was dead.

"How can you do that to Nick....." cried out Viswa.

"You shut up! Ahhhhhh...." shouted Yttam.

Harsha hit Yttam's head strongly with a big wooden rod. He fell and got faint.

Yttam opened his eyes and found himself tied up on a chair.

"Yttam, tell us. How can we kill all the zombies?" yelled Viswa.

"You guys idiots. You have no idea what happened to the Heartbeat of Angel." yelled Yttam and continued.

"Look at me. Figi. Couldn't you recognize me, your teammate? "

"That night Angel made a weird noise and explosed with a strong flash. All people then turned into zombies and were summoned to move to the Jewellery Castle. Luckily Mike and I were outside and safe from that. We sneaked into the castle and tried to find out why Angel got infected."

"Nick worked for the castle. He's just a liar."

"Stay away from the infected Angel..."

Viswa and friends were totally shocked and looked at each other for a long time...

Yttam kept talking.

"I never try to kill you. I just want you guys to stay away from the chaos. I even don't know why you all arrive in the island in this terrible period."

Boom, Boom, Bang!

Viswa interrupted him anxiously, "Stop talking rubbish. It seems like the zombies have come into the castle!"

Yttam was shocked. "It is the worst situation that I can think about..." He almost cried, "It seems like I have no choice but tell you the secret of the heartbeat." He stopped and took a deep breath, "in fact, the infected angel not only makes people become zombies, but the sound of the heartbeat influences some memories."

They frowned and listened carefully, and literally heard the sound that they didn't notice before...

Lub-dub, Lub-dub, Lub-dub...

The sound of heartbeat.

Yttam shouted "Close your ears! Hurry up!"

Viswa first stuffed his fingers into ears.

Suddenly, he recalled all the memories that he forgot.

The memory that he worked for Matty, which was the system that maintained all the story world order. Then, he remembered that somebody roughly transmigrated into this story and brought zombie virus from another Armageddon story.

In the original story, Yttam was the hero who won the jewelry game in the island and got the opportunity to make a wish from angel, and Nick was the most important rival of him. However, due to the virus, Yttam now became the miserable character who tried to save the world and Nick shifted to be the villain who worked for the castle.

Because people became zombies and the storyline changed dramatically, the story world was on the verge of crashing. Finally, Matty decided to put them in the story and made them as the characters in the book.

And that's why Viswa was here.

The silence was broken by the sound of three gunshots. Viswa looked around and found Yttam, Santosh and Harsha were all dead. Vasim pointed gun at Viswa said: “Surprised, aren’t you?”

“Please allow me to introduce myself again. I’m Mike, and also the transmigrator who brought over the virus.” Vasim smiled and took off the plastic mask.

“What you want from me?” Viswa asked with anger.

“Relax, transmigrators like us in this world just like playing a game, death just send us back to our world. All I want just an audience who isn’t afraid of the virus to watch the show with me.”

“Fine, tell me why you turn Nick into zombie? Aren’t he worked for you? Why you hide him in the lab?” Viswa forced himself to calm down and asked.

“Good questions, that’s what a good audience shall ask.” Mike replied happily. “I’m here to test the power of the virus. Stupid Nick took you to test, but you are a transmigrator! I don’t need an idiot, so he became a zombie.”

Took a glance on the Nick’s dead body, Mike said: “Remember the first game said who caught the first zombie will be the winner? The virus will change whenever it passed to another person. Only medicine made based on the first zombie is useful to ensure the effectiveness of the virus.”

“Sorry to interrupt the man’s talk, but we are running out of time.” Something flight out from nowhere and passed through Mike, his neck was spurting blood from the wound.

It was the iPhone! It emitted a dazzling light, Sally walked out and passed the phone to Visma.

“No time to waste, do what you shall do! I’ll settle Mike and show him my gratitude for what he did while I lost my memory.”

“No time to waste, do what you shall do! I’ll settle Mike.”

“A fair lady like you shan't interrupt the conversation in such manner.” Mike wipe away the blood on his neck and there’s no wound at all.

“Vampire? I’ll show you my thankfulness for what you did while I lost my memory” Sally said dismissively.

“You are much more charming when you lost your memory.” Mike said in exaggerated way.

“This world and Viswa need a superwoman. I myself also prefer to step on your annoy proudness out of nowhere towards woman!”

Although Viswa took the iPhone, he didn't know what he can do. Suddenly, he has an idea! "Hey! Siri!"(looooool)

"How can I help you? Sir." Siri said.
"I just want to enjoy my summer vacation, why I should save the world??" Said Viswa
"Well....because you are protagonist?" "WHAT???"
"Yeah, this world is Matty's story, and I'm GM(Game Manager)" Siri said. "WTF???"
"Here has a solution, it can help you return to your world." "OK, how can I do?"



"Aye, here has a button, if you click, the world will destroy"
"= =|||"<-Viswa
"Let's select, how will you do?" Siri said.
"Well...And if I click, how are we leaving the island?"
"I will trans you and all the friends to the toy boat and the boat will take you away. If everybody escapes successfully, the world is going to destroy"

"...okay, I do."(beep)


(At school)

"Hi Sally, how's going?" Viswa said.
"Great, Well...I want to ask that why we trans to the boat suddenly??"
"Because of Siri." "WHAT?"

Today...is a boring day...





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