THS Your Gateway to a New Decentralized Financial World

Themis Protocol leverages THS tokens for a decentralized and transparent financial ecosystem, offering fair distribution and real-world asset backing.

Use of SC in Themis Ecosystem

Scale Code (SC) empowers Themis Protocol by boosting THS rewards and speeding up their release, while also offering trading potential...

Optimizing Fund Pool Proportions: How Themis Pro Achieves Target Weight of 20%

Themis Pro maintains liquidity with dynamic pricing, encouraging FIL holders to achieve a 20% target weight in its fund pool.

SC Rewards: Incentives for Value Users in Themis Protocol

Themis Protocol's SC rewards incentivize value users to invite participants, offering immediate and future SC rewards for engagement and growth.

Embrace the "Themis Node Month" and Win Big: A Million-Dollar Prize Pool Awaits!

Join the Themis Node Month and stake your way to a share of the million-dollar prize pool!

Community Empowerment: How Themis Protocol Engages and Rewards its Users

Themis Protocol prioritizes community engagement, rewards users through staking and liquidity mining, and fosters collaboration for a thriving DeFi ecosystem

Themis Stablecoin: Stability in the Volatile Crypto Market

Themis Stablecoin brings stability to crypto by minting USD-pegged stablecoins via FIL staking. Offers risk mitigation, cross-border transactions, fueling Themis ecosystem growth

Unlocking Seamless Cross-Chain Transactions with Themis Protocol's cBridge

Themis cBridge enables cross-chain transactions, empowering users in decentralized finance. Future-proofing blockchain interoperability.

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