How to dress casual chic effortlessly? Women must-read fashion tips

"Gosh! What should I wear!?" Sounds familiar? How often do you encounter this problem? If you want to pull off chic style easily, let's check out Vivi's blog to know more about fashion tips.

Hobbs, Des Petits Hauts, Sea New York & Sweaty Betty's Colorful Dress

It might be the loneliness talking, but ever since the world has turned grey and uninviting due to the long lockdown, people started to love exciting colors. Randomly mix and match brightness and saturation between various hues, even the colors aren’t bold, they can evoke feelings of happiness, optimism and energy. 

Let’s browse the top selling multi-color dresses from Hobbs, Des Petits Hauts, Sea New York & Sweaty Betty now!

Hobbs - Modern Midi Nadine Dress With Side Splits

Hobbs - Pure Linen Sleeveless Multicolor Flared Twitchill Dress

Des Petits Hauts - V-neck Colorful Printed Short Dress with Long Sleeves 

Des Petits Hauts - Bright Feminine Colorful Midi Dress

Sea New York - Cotton Tie-dye High-rise Long Dress

Sea New York - Broderie Anglaise Collar Nostalgic Midi Dress with Puffed Sleeves

Sweaty Betty - Floral Pop Print Short Workout Dress

Sea New York, Vanessa Bruno & Berenice's Embroidered Clothes

Embroidery is dominating the fashion industry by storm, especially when the Covid-19 has driven many people to handcrafts. Ready to fall for some cute and stylish embroidered tops? Sea New York, Vanessa Bruno and Berenice have exactly what you want.

Berenice - Embroidered Cotton Little Black Dress

Berenice - Loose Cut Embroidery Cotton V-necked Blouse

Vanessa Bruno - Eyelet Embroidery Wedge Little Black Dress

Vanessa Bruno - Tribal Embroidery V-necked Nova Blouse

Sea New York - Embroidered Collar Regular Fit Sweater

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