The Ultimate Bohemian Fashion Guide in 2021

Sometimes, we just want to escape from every day's hustle and bustle. While the pace of city life is hardly controllable, at least we can choose what to wear.

Bohemian is an everlasting trend ever since the Hippies 60’s. Fashionistas never get bored of the surprises that this style brings us. If you think Bohemian fashion is hard to wear, then you are now reading the right article as rue Madame is here to help you dress Boho’s layered, personalized look effortlessly.

The easiest way to pull of Boho Style - One-piece

If you want to try Boho chic style but don’t know how to mix and match. You can start with the one-piece bohemian dresses from Bellerose, Sea New York and Des Petits Hauts, easy peasy!

  1. Bellerose - Bohemian Vibes Floral Printed V-neck Dress
  2. Sea New York - Flattering Printed Cotton Maxi Dress
  3. Des Petit Hauts - Lightweight Relaxed Cut Graphic Printed Dress
  4. Whistles - Billowing Silhouette Printed Trapeze Dress

Look Boho in a sec - Denim

 Denim is always the BEST PARTNER of bohemian pieces! It doesn’t matter if it is a denim trousers, shorts or even a jacket, they are just a perfect match! Try raw edges, cut-outs and heavily washed ones from Sea New York, Berenice, Closed Jeans, Sessun and Vanessa Bruno , they will make you look a lot younger and stylish.

  1. Sea New York - Top Waisted Wide Legged Drawstring Jeans
  2. Berenice - Contemporary Flared Cotton Blend Denim Jeans
  3. Vanessa Bruno - Wide Legged Flared Ankle Cropped Jeans
  4. Sessun - Relaxed Fit Wide Legged Jeans
  5. Closed Jeans - Perfect Fit Drawstring Waist Jeans

As casual as possible - Shorts

If you think you can’t carry long and lengthy items, perhaps an off-shoulder crop top and vintage shorts would give you a brilliant seducing Boho look just like a top model does. Let’s see the perfectly designed shots from Whistles, Soeur, Hobbs, Berenice and Hartford.

  1. Whistles - Mid-thigh Short Black Denim 
  2. Soeur - High Waisted Jaune Cotton Shorts
  3. Hobbs - Tailored Aesthetic Light Cotton Chessie Shorts
  4. Berenice - Playful Cotton Striped Shorts with Belt
  5. Hartford - Elasticated Waist Linen Shorts

Put some layer on - Jackets

Welcome to the world of Bohemian, as known as the paradise of every young hippie. The core of Boho chic outfits is that desirable layering, it might seem a bit tricky to pull off, but with the bold statement jackets and coats from Forte Forte, Hobbs, Whistles and Yves Salomon, there is nothing more to worry about.

  1. Forte Forte - Tactile Relaxed Fit Cotton Denim Jacket
  2. Hobbs - Lightweight Mariam Denim Jacket
  3. Whistles - Vintage Pathword Aesthetic Denim Jacket
  4. Yves Salomon - Meteo Lamb-back Leather Reversible Jacket

Add more Boho details to your outfits - Accessories

To master Boho style, ACCESSORIES from Vanessa Bruno, Hobbs, Apede Mod, Sweaty Betty, Soeur, Arizona Love and Birkenstock are the key to success! For example, pom-pom and lace-up sandals are the big fads. They are just versatile to style for a care free summery look! Suede and fringe bags are essential for the style. A headband scarf and braided hair are also worth trying for a full look. Earrings, bracelets, bangles, necklaces…anything that contains the Bohemian elements would help to brighten you up! 

  1. Vanessa Bruno - Knitted Floral jacquard Beanie
  2. Hobbs - Leopard Versatile Jeans Crafted Belt
  3. Birkenstock - Zurich Model Soft Footbed Closed-toe Sandals 
  4. Apede Mod - Froggy and Crescent Aluminium Necklace
  5. Sweaty Betty - Colorful Super Soft Scrunchie
  6. Soeur - JAJA Canvas Tote Leather Bag
  7. The Jacksons - Handmade Jute "Be Kind" Bag
  8. Arizona Love - Handmade Trekky Bandana Tie-dye Sandals

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