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It's my city's birthday.

Expecting a massive drone attack, my family left the city on the eve of Kyiv Day.Quay.But we didn't manage to get a tan.


Near Roshen factory.

I am very grateful to everyone who likes my posts.

24.05.2023 One day in my life.

There is absolutely no desire to write anything. So I'll leave some recent photos here.An ordinary cat.A strange sculpture of a cow.The dog ...


Reviving Adventure: A Journey of Rediscovery

It has been a long time since I last rode a bicycle. But today, it was time to revive that adventure. I chose to stop by the lake, which is ...


Every night this month, Kyiv has been under attack from ballistic missiles.

Every night we wake up to explosions. Fortunately, our defenders are good at shooting down missiles. But downed missile remnants from fallin...


On 28/04/23 at 4:30 am we were woken up by an explosion in Kyiv.

My wife and child went out into the corridor, there are no windows, it seems safer. Russia fired again at civilians sleeping in their beds.

My depression.

I'm feeling desperate again. Things are not as bad as they could be. But the depression does not go away. Even the warm sun is cheering me u...

Something strange happened in the sky over Kiev yesterday at about 22:00 on 19.04.23.

We are at war, and air raids are often announced by phone. But we react only when there are explosions. That's why your ears are on the alert at all times.

There should be no place for bio-waste in the world.

Do not hold back your emotions, psychologists recommend. They recommend: "Let your tears flow." I can't cry, so I guess sometimes the tensio...

Конкурс «Космическая гифка»👨‍🚀🪐 Ко дню космонавтики.

#КонкурсКосмос Конкурс «Космическая гифка»👨‍🚀🪐 Ко дню космонавтики О чём: давайте к празднику воспользуемся подручными средствами (точнее...

The AI killer.

I was very disturbed by the news of a Belgian man's suicide after communicating with an AI chatbot. The source of the information is here ← ...

А давайте на какое-то время побудем режиссёром мультфильмов?

Конкурс #КонкурсМульт

Parable of Monkeys

The poor farmer received an unexpected offer of 10 dollars for each of the monkeys that he could catch. He left his field and went hunting i...

Unanswered questions.

I did not have time to enjoy the first sunny days of spring. Winter is back again. View from my windowThere was an extremely strong wind at night.

The first Sun, the first flowers.

The first Sun, the first flowers. Ukraine continues to withstand the onslaught of the invaders, but at a very high cost.


Lina Kostenko's homeland was attacked. The civilian lyceum was destroyed.

"Where are you looking, nations?Today we are you, and tomorrow you are us?"“Куди ж ви дивитесь народи, сьогодні ми, а завтра ви..”Lina Koste...

А давайте побеседуем с ChatGPTи выясним каков он на самом деле?

Конкурс на тему : «Пообщайся с СhatGPT» #КонкурсБеседа

Mindfulness with crows.

The spring of 2023 has arrived. This year's winter was abnormally warm for Ukraine. But spring is slowly gaining pace. The days are getting ...


Цитаты. The True Believer. Thoughts on The Nature of Mass Movement.

Эрик Хоффер. Человек убежденный: Личность, Власть и массовые движения.

How did my weekend go? It was a good experience.

Despite the air raids, we continue to exist. Spring is coming soon, so it's warm enough for walks in the woods. But some areas were still ve...