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Lina Kostenko's homeland was attacked. The civilian lyceum was destroyed.

"Where are you looking, nations? Today we are you, and tomorrow you are us?"
“Куди ж ви дивитесь народи, сьогодні ми, а завтра ви..”

Lina Kostenko

Tonight, on the night of 03/22/2023, Russians attacked a civilian educational lyceum with Iranian drones.

You may have read my stories before, I published that my parents and son live in a small town near Kyiv.

The famous poet Lina Kostenko was also born in this city.

So, it was this city that was attacked by the Russians.

The peculiarity is that it is not a military facility, not a military warehouse, but a civilian lyceum.

The educational building of the lyceum was destroyed, as well as the dormitory for students. There are dead and wounded. No soldiers were killed or wounded.

In their Russian media, news, and reports, the Russians will say that the missiles hit a military base. They will again tell the lie that no civilians were injured.

I know this place, I used to go there often, it was my first sports club. I had friends there when I was young. Many of my peers studied there. It's definitely a civilian facility.

There is no end to the lies and atrocities of the Russians.

My parents also live nearby, and they were not injured. My son is very scared.

The video I have attached below is painful to watch. I can clearly see the burnt and destroyed room where my friend lived. And nearby was his creative studio, where he taught teenagers pottery. I also learned to make pottery there.

Make up your own mind whether Russia is fighting the military or killing civilians.

But I know that Russia is a country of terrorists.

P.S. Now a missile has hit a residential building in Zaporizhzhia.


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