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Unanswered questions.

I did not have time to enjoy the first sunny days of spring. Winter is back again.

View from my window

There was an extremely strong wind at night. I had two thoughts in my head.

  • How many trees will fall in the nearby park?
  • Do extreme weather conditions prevent the city from being attacked by air-ballistic missiles?

Last night, from this window, I could watch the drone attack on the city. At first, a bright spotlight beam moved in the sky. Then I saw a fireball that reached the drone in the sky. There was a bright flash. The flames continued to fall to the ground.

What was I thinking when I looked at this?

  • Are my friends who live in the disaster area affected?
  • If the missiles were not shot down, where were they aimed?

My friend was not injured, but a shop close to him was burned to the ground.

This raises one more question.

  • Are the russians fighting against the civilian population?

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