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А давайте на какое-то время побудем режиссёром мультфильмов?

Конкурс #КонкурсМульт

At first I didn't want to participate in the contest to create a cartoon from https://t.me/LikeCoinRU

But at the beginning of my work, I was at it until 3:00 in the morning.

You can see the results below. I did it without knowing how it was going to end.

To get started, I used the AI in a TG Bot to create an image. For example, this:

On request: two cats shoot a laser at each other.

Next, I used AI to create an animation here:


I did not have a script to help me create the animation. But I just did it and didn't think about the outcome.

It's simple: first you upload an image to ( https://app.kaiber.ai/invite/d826fdda-c65b-40ac-afcb-1565d29b7f91 ) and set the parameters that turn the image into an animation.

This is the simplest result, but with creativity there are interesting options.


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