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There should be no place for bio-waste in the world.

Do not hold back your emotions, psychologists recommend. They recommend: "Let your tears flow."

I can't cry, so I guess sometimes the tension of my nervous system reaches its maximum.

But this time, even I was not able to hold back my tears.

A shocking video has appeared on the Internet and news.

In the video, a young captured Ukrainian soldier, who is still alive, has his head cut off with a knife.

Before he dies, he cries out in pain and begs.

I am writing this now, and even now I can feel my body's reaction to these thoughts, which is one of high tension.

I could not watch that horrible video. My psyche is very sensitive. But I was constantly thinking about it, which kept me awake. It influenced me greatly.

My brain got into cognitive dissonance.

I knew it was true, but I also didn't want to believe it was true. Russians' cruelty does not allow me to call them people.

Because civilized people do not do these horrible things. Only soulless bio-waste is capable of this.

There should be no place for bio-waste in the world.


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