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Something strange happened in the sky over Kiev yesterday at about 22:00 on 19.04.23.

We are at war, and air raids are often announced by phone. But we react only when there are explosions. That's why your ears are on the alert at all times.

So yesterday I heard a dull explosion, not close, but similar to a shot.

But the alarm was not raised in the city. Space debris had entered the atmosphere over the city, the news agency reported.

The alarm was announced a lot later, the reaction was long. Official sources are not providing accurate information more than 15 hours after the crash.

At first they said that it was a NASA satellite, but then they said that it was a space body.

But it is clear that the air defense was not ready to deal with it.

Many versions and funny memes have appeared.


But understand that such phenomena are cause for concern when there is war in the country.


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