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It's my city's birthday.

Expecting a massive drone attack, my family left the city on the eve of Kyiv Day.


But we didn't manage to get a tan. It started to rain heavily.

The puddle.

The rain passed quickly, but some trees were broken by the wind. After the rain, I washed my dog in the river, the water seemed very warm.

The stairs are destroyed.

Not far from our location, there is a monument to those who died in the Soviet War in 1941. But the road to it has been badly neglected. Few people in contemporary Ukraine are interested in a memorial to Soviet soldiers. Against the backdrop of the current war with Russia.

The Battle for Dnipro.

When I was a kid, there were pompous Victory Day celebrations here. I went to the parade with balloons and wore white socks under my shorts.

But now my son will not have any celebrations in connection with Russia. More and more modern graves with those who died in this war are appearing. Even my son's own uncle is currently at war, and this is very disturbing.

As I predicted, about 50 drones were shot down in Kyiv last night.

Anton Gerashchenko @Gerashchenko_en

Several buildings in the city were damaged. The explosions were so powerful that they were compared to an earthquake.

Usually, according to the new tactics, the first attack is carried out with kamikaze drones, and after reconnaissance, the next night they attack with ballistic missiles.

If you think that the Russians are destroying warehouses or the military, you are wrong. Russia is shelling peaceful cities. Destroying the city and sowing panic and fear. This is the main goal of the Russians. To intimidate people and turn people against the government.

Russia is a terrorist state number 1


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