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The money is disappearing. People are dying.

What worries me now.

My friend does volunteer work. He has a talent for organization. He has several profitable businesses of his own.

In the first days of the war, he managed to get his family out of Ukraine and left on his own. But a month later he returned. While abroad, he began sending financial aid to the Ukrainian army. But he returned to Ukraine to be even more useful here.

He raises money with the help of his friends who live abroad. He buys cars, spare parts and wheels in Europe and sends them to Ukraine.

The last post on Instagram confused me. A friend writes that the situation at the front is very difficult, many soldiers with experience that they did not have time to pass on to new recruits have been killed.

He describes the lack of equipment and weapons. There are no helmets or bulletproof vests. On the other hand, corruption is constantly in the news, almost every week. Officials buy junk for huge sums of money. The most recent scandal was the purchase of 1.2 million worth of musical leather drums. The explanation was that the drums were needed for bomb shelters.

But I myself am very surprised when an old (still usable) road is destroyed and a new one is built in Kiev during the war. At a time when people simply do not have a roof over their heads. At a time when soldiers are dying for lack of protection, officials are spending millions on meaningless work.

State funds have also been allocated to improve and re-equip shelters. But nothing has changed, the officials have stolen most of the money.

My family and I don't go to the bomb shelter because the nearest one is a 15-minute walk away. They don't build new shelters, they use old basements in residential buildings. They are very dangerous because the houses are not made of a monolithic concrete frame, but of panels that fall apart like a house of cards.

Recently, several people were killed by a rocket at the entrance to one of these basements. People tried to get into the shelter, but the door was closed and the shrapnel killed a young mother and daughter.

The state initiated an inspection of the shelters and found huge violations. They found 85% of the shelters to be unfit. But nothing changes. No one is punished, no shelters are built.

The money is disappearing. People are dying.


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