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What's new in my life?

I was amazed to watch a traveler-blogger about China.

I was very surprised and impressed by the multifaceted country of China.

The blog's host is a Ukrainian, his name is Dmytro Komarov.

The World Inside Out

Dmitry Komarov runs a channel called The World Inside Out. He has been a traveler to many countries. He's a very good person.

Today Dmytro is in Ukraine and he is a war reporter.

I would recommend that you watch his video.

I have nothing new in my personal life. I never got a job. It's a good thing my wife works.

My health is stable, but not the best. I still have problems with my left arm, diagnosed with medial epicondylitis. It also makes it difficult to get a new job.

Kiev is regularly shelled at night with ballistic missiles or drones. Although air defenses shoot down all attacks, the debris hits skyscrapers and people die.

Here's the result of a recent hit. Source: → @Gerashchenko_en

Corruption is not decreasing. The news constantly exposes officials who spend public money on unnecessary things. And what we are told is only a small part of the truth.

Fierce fighting is taking place at the front. The city of Bakhmut, which was destroyed by Russian terrorists, is being retaken by our troops.

There is a shortage of weapons, and brave Ukrainian men often ask volunteers for help.

So not everything is as simple as it seems.


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