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女性在Web3:區塊鏈 - 給很酷的新手媽媽 Women in Web3 : crypto, for cool new mum

每周 Matters 都會在 Discord 舉行AMA,邀請不同的嘉賓來分享,題目包括「Web3 實驗者」、「女性在Web3」、「創作者經濟」,旨在跟大家共學和探索Web3。

隨著我們看到女性在Web3的努力和貢獻,今次,我們很高興請到一名在區塊鏈上活躍的女性Kavl,她同時是一名新手媽媽、女性NFT項目支持者,以及HUG的早期核心貢獻者。HUG 是一個由女性主理的NFT平台,旨在支援Web3的藝術家和策展人,讓她們得到支援,在Web3有更長遠的發展,項目由朱克伯格家族的 Randi Zuckerberg 創辦。


Kavl 是一位熱情的參與者,日常推動不同的項目、促進討論,目前希望推出自己的藝術作品項目。Kavl於香港居住,是一名少數族裔,她表示很高興可以認識Matters - 串連中港台的Web3平台,她的願望是以自己的熱情去鼓勵更多女性甚至媽媽進入Web3世界,歡迎來一起聽她的經驗分享。

  • 分享者:Kavl (女性項目 HUG 早期核心貢獻者)
  • 主持:多比(Matters Discord Mod、女性NFT項目收藏者)
  • 日期:04/29
  • 時間:21:30 - 22:30 (東八區)
  • 地點:Matters Discord 「自由二台」
  • 活動語言:英語

Women in Web3 : crypto, for cool new mum 

Female is making changes in Web3. In a decentralized world, there are opportunities and possibilities. Cool girls create women NFT projects, build a friendly community to support each other, develop female DAO and uphold equality. More and more women believe that gender issues are critical in Web3, it is a way to shape and make changes in the metaverse and also the social structure. 

We are glad to invite Kavl to our AMA, she is a new mum, female led projects supporter, also an OG curator of HUG. Hug is a Web3 community of creators and curators. It is a female led NFT community platform founded by Randi Zuckerberg. 

Kavl lives in Hong Kong, she is happy to be invited by Matters and she would love to connect with us. She hopes her passion can encourage more females to step into Web3, to create what they want and make a change. She is going to share her experience with us as a new mum, and women in Web3. 

  • Guest:Kavl(HUG NFT OG curatorz, Female led projects supporter)
  • Host : Dobby (Matters Discord Mod, Female led projects supporter)
  • Date : 04/29 (Fri)
  • Time : 21:30 - 22:30  (UTC +8)
  • Venus:Matters Discord
  • Language:English

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