2023 Recap & 2024 NY Resolution

You have to be the change you want to see in the world

ZuSocial @Istanbul - Nov 16th Daily Roundup

Topics cover from Base's decentralization path, to workshops on Scaffold-ETH & decentralized identity & local-first app buidling

ZuSocial @Istanbul - Nov 15th Daily Roundup

Topics today cover from DS/ ML 101, to workshops on XMTP & Lens, and recomendation system for social media platforms

ZuSocial @Istanbul - Nov 14th Daily Roundup

Topics cover from brand creation, zk technlogy in identity & governance, to technical workshop, and mini demos from our hackers!

ZuSocial @Istanbul - Nov 13th Daily Roundup

Super packed day at ZuSocial from art & storytelling, to hardcore technical workshops and hands on 101 session

Research | EAS (Ethereum Attestation Service)

An overview of EAS and its application

随摘随想 | 通往自我主权身份之路 The Path to Self-Sovereign Identity

原文链接:The Path to Self Sovereign Identity (Christopher Allen)随摘4 stages of online identity 数字身份演进的四个阶段Phase 1: Centralized identity (administ...



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