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Gitlab server migration / 把 gitlab server 搬家

這篇文章整理得很好,把落落長的 gitlab 官方文章變得精簡許多。安裝新 server 目前 gitlab 已經把 EE (enterprise edition) 跟 CE (community edition) 整合在一起,如果 EE 沒有付費,那麼試用期過後自動變成 CE。


Clone a server from one project to the other in Google Cloud Platform

目前看來有兩個方式,都可以 work 方法一 # in project-1 $ gcloud compute images create image-v1 --source-disk DISK_ID --source-disk-zone asia-east1-c --fami...


Moving tighers

南區的日常。但有人還是覺得正常。Everyday life in the Southern District has become a new normal.


Erwin Thoma: Klimawandel – eine Chance?

Zur Spendenseite: https://www.patreon.com/wissen_ist_relevant Die offensichtlichen Veränderungen auf unserem Planeten reichen von Erwärmung ...


Grant opportunity: A letter from Paul Salopek

Hi Everyone,A novelty: For once, I’m not soliciting money to keep long-form immersive journalism alive—instead, I’m helping give money away to do the same.The National Geographic Society has just...

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