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【AUVESTA 】 Looking at the economy from the perspective of war-torn countries, the current situation in Afghanistan and Iraq and the advantages of AUVESTA gold & precious metals

Inflation, rising prices, and the turbulent situation. If you are in such a situation, what should you do? Plan ahead and buy reliable private gold to hedge against inflation and risks!


【AUVESTA】Which event is a turning point for gold? Why is gold attracting attention today?

Learn about the history of gold and why it is still a promising asset today


【AUVESTA】Gold, fiat currency and inflation, US unlimited quantitative easing policy, potential risk events will trigger risk aversion

Before the economic storm, a hedging tool that cannot be ignored — gold





The impact of the pandemic on various industries and future AI development trends

Are you in the danger zone of the workplace in the AI ​​era? Is AI making your career on the brink of extinction?


【G999 + GSPartners 】How to transfer and receive G999 from G999 core wallet

How to transfer and receive G999 from G999 core wallet?G999 from G999 core wallet transfer and receive teaching SOPGSPartners link: https://...


【G999】Gold Standard Bank AG (GSB) showcases the latest blockchain and IT technology Super Financial Development

Josip Heit, CEO of Gold Standard Bank AG (GSB), introduced the most unique and valuable credit card payment method in the worldGSPartners li...


【Financial management】The evil cycle of overdraft consumption, ‘fake exquisiteness’ lead to young people in debt

How many young people have been drained by “fake exquisiteness” ?How to create a truly exquisite life for the futureLike and Follow Facebook...


【G999】A new business opportunity and currency system beyond the advantages of Bitcoin

G999 subverts the market of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in the world of traditional financial investment【G999】A new business op...


【Financial Investment】The Relation of the US Dollar with Oil Prices and Gold Prices

Economic Indicators That Help Predict Market TrendsLike and Follow Facebook Page: Work Your Wealth International Investment CoachThe negativ...


【Financial Investment】 Warren Buffett sours on banks and invest in gold,Tony Robbins is also a gold enthusiast

rren Buffett secretly bought $563 million in gold assets for the first time in history!Like and Follow Facebook Page: Work Your Wealth Inter...


【Financial Investment】《Rich Dad Poor Dad》author Robert Kiyosaki ever went bankrupt? The truth is. . .

《Rich Dad Poor Dad》 sold more than 30 million copies worldwide, but the best success tutor Robert Kiyosaki declared bankruptcy in 2012, and ...

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