Psychological trauma
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On Trauma — Campfire(1-3)

Maybe they were like campfire


On Trauma — Life goes on(1–2)

Life goes on, but trauma follows.


On Trauma — Childhood (1–1)

I still don’t understand why I ended up stucked in that situation, and I still feel ashamed. I became the person I wanted to be the least.


On Trauma

On the journey of healing from childhood trauma, I guess I have reached the point where I have to go back to face and deal with those deepest fear within me.

Alfred Cheung

【亂世中 請先好好照顧自己】

短期內我哋未必能改變環境,場仗可能好漫長,但你並不孤單,成個香港有好多人陪你經歷緊相似嘅事,互相支持住行落去。每個人平復壓力、撫平創傷嘅時間都唔同,有人行得快啲、有人行得慢啲,唔需要為自己步伐同人唔同而感到內疚或者壓抑。———————————————————— 港大醫學院調查發現...

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