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Hung Yi

[Obsidian x Keysmith] Clean Edge quick Cache & Reload Obsidian published website

Automation to reload Obsidian publish pages🩸痛點:每次發布Obsidian 的 Publsih 功能 都需要重新清除edge的快取,才能夠更新完成新的頁面加載。💪解法:用keysmith錄製 Macro 巨集可以將這個流程自動化,非...

Hung Yi

[Keysmith] Using Keysmith to automate rss subscribe

❤️👍Keysmith automation. 🚀Can also set multiple times to do that action which is really convenient. ❤️👍Keysmith自動化。🚀還可以設置多次那個動作,真的很方便。

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